3 Way Technology Can Help Your Nonprofit

How Tech Can Aid Nonprofit Growth


Non-profit organizations usually don’t have the luxury of operating with endless budgets, meaning they often skimp on technology in favor of allocating cash flow to the most fundamental aspects of their operation. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Netchange, only 11 percent of nonprofits considered technology a vital component to improve their operations.

But in reality, technology could exponentially change the efficiency levels at any non-profit organization. Here we’ll show you how. 

Data Management 

Every non-profit organization has a vast amount of data to sift through. Most importantly, being able to track its own data allows an organization to accurately interpret the results of advocacy campaigns. Data science is key to analyzing datasets, allowing organizations to properly interpret campaign results and areas in need of improvement. 

And this isn’t the only benefit nonprofits could derive from data management tools. For example, telling donors a certain community lacks access to water or educational opportunities is not enough. Being able to back up that claim with numbers is vital. Nonprofits cannot underestimate the power of numbers. 

A nonprofit’s call to action would be more potent if it revealed statistics to back up its claims of the need for aid in a particular community.

Amanda Stevenson, founder of the Omaha Children’s Choir, confirmed the importance of statistics during charitable campaigns when speaking with Idealware.

“Instead of stating generally that not enough children have access to choral music, we have started to collect numbers that back that statement, increasing the validity of our grant narratives,” she said.

IT Infrastructure

Adequate IT infrastructure improves the productivity of a nonprofit. This may sound like a minor detail, but consider this: Having sufficient bandwidth can save an organization a lot of money. 

For example, with the proper IT infrastructure installed, the time it takes employees to complete simple tasks like sharing a document will be reduced, improving efficiency and therefore saving money. And with the time saved, employees can turn their attention to more important matters like interpreting the effectiveness of recent campaigns.

Efficient Communications

Nonprofits that fail to embrace tech tools for their Digital Marketing efforts spend too much time managing their social media presence. Tasks like posting content or sending emails could take hours doing it manually.

However, these tasks could be completed automatically and within minutes by using the proper tech tools. For example, scheduling posts for automatic publication and creating synchronized email campaigns will drastically improve efficiency.


Nonprofits can benefit from the use of tech tools to improve operations. They must first identify which technology they need to meet their goals, that way they can allocate the proper budget to improve the overall operation of the organization. With most nonprofits running on tight budgets, it is imperative they only invest in tech which will boost performance and ensure targets are met.