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Sharing the stories of local nonprofits and connecting them with the community! We talk with philanthropists, volunteers, community activists, executive directors, and nonprofit lovers from the Kansas City nonprofit community. Be seen, be heard with KC Cares! Kansas City’s Nonprofit Nonprofit Voice!

This week we are discussing Nonprofit work in the sports world and great info from our thought leadership segment.

Thought Leadership Segment

Jeffrey Byrne | Dr of Philanthropy

Byrne Pelofsky, will further our vision to provide uncommon local, regional and national leadership in philanthropy. Most importantly, our expertise, experience, deep community connections and hands-on approach will enable us to offer our clients a more comprehensive and complete set of tools for fundraising success – helping them master the art of the ask and partnering with them to achieve their resource development goals.



Kansas City Chiefs

Mark Donavan | President

NFL team founded by Lamar Hunt and in KC fro more than 50 years. Hunt was a big community supporter and his son Clark Hunt has carried on his legacy. Philanthropic activities come under the Hunt Family Foundations and the Chiefs. Various projects and community initiatives geared to making Kansas City a better place to live, including helping City Year, Harvesters, Operation Breakthrough, Angel Flight, Cornerstones of Care, local police, fire and military.



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