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We share nonprofit news, information, and stories! We talk with philanthropists, volunteers, community activists, executive directors, and nonprofit lovers from the Kansas City nonprofit community. Be seen, be heard with KC Cares! Kansas City’s Nonprofit Nonprofit Voice!

This week we are discussing marketing to the Millenials, rescue pups, and unique ability!

Changing Leads Equine Rescue

Melissa Harrell, board member

Changing Leads Equine Rescue is dedicated to changing the lives of rescued horses. Once the horses come into our care, we provide appropriate food, shelter and veterinary care. A team of volunteers come in to groom and ground train these horses to acclimate them to positive human contact with the hope they will be adopted into caring homes.



Paola Community Center

Chad Myers, Executive Director

The Paola Community Center, serves as an arts showcase for Paola and Miami County’s diverse communities, offers multicultural arts and education programming in its restored landmark building. 

Paola Community Center is actively engaged in community outreach and our programs encompass the diverse cultural, social, and artistic dynamics of the region. 



Dayton Moore Interview

Listens to KC Cares exclusive interview with Kansas City Royals General Manager, Dayton Moore.


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