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Kansas City’s Nonprofit Voice!

Sharing the stories of local nonprofits and connecting them with the community! We talk with philanthropists, volunteers, community activists, executive directors, and nonprofit lovers from the Kansas City nonprofit community. Be seen, be heard with KC Cares! Kansas City’s Nonprofit Nonprofit Voice!


Unique Finds

Bob Southard

Unique Finds Gifts was founded by Dr. Robert A. Southard, and is based in Overland Park, Kansas.Our goal is to create new streams of income for people living in poverty and for Christian ministry and missionary efforts through global trade of products.



Johnson County Parks & Recreation Foundation

Jay Hinrichs

Established in 1977, the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Johnson County is an independent donor-supported non-profit organization that cultivates financial support and community engagement. The Foundation works to provide opportunities for those who enjoy the District resources and recognizes their contribution to our quality of life in Johnson County and the local economy to financially support continued excellence.



Blue Valley Education Foundation

Joy Ginsburg

Our mission is simple: enrich educational excellence. We accomplish this through the generosity of our community partners that support our outreach, financial development, and ongoing funding of extraordinary educational programs.



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KC Cares, Kansas City’s nonprofit voice, tells the stories of Kansas City nonprofits and connects them with the community.  Produced by Charitable Communications 

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