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Seven Ways to Grow Your Non-Profit  

If you’re running a non-profit organization, you’re already aware of the various challenges you face. At the end of the day, you’re behind the eight-ball—after all, you’re not pulling in any revenue. Instead, your focus is on a grander, philanthropical cause and pouring in every penny raised into that issue.

As such, it’s immensely difficult to grow a non-profit beyond its initial phase, whether it’s concerning staff, volunteers, or fundraising efforts. Doing so requires not only keen focus and drive but also dedication to executing the correct strategic measures most conducive to your non-profit’s expansion.

Specifically, following the seven measures discussed below will contribute tremendously towards the overall growth of your non-profit.


Stay on Course with Your Mission

For the sake of context, let’s briefly define what the mission is for a non-profit.

Your goals and the action plan centered around achieving them, as well as connecting the dots as to why these practices are crucial to your success, comprise your mission statement.  

Conversely, mission drift is when your non-profit organization diverts away from its core mission and principles.

While sometimes it’s necessary to move away from an original mission as a strategic measure, in many cases, it happens by accident. When mission drift occurs without rhyme or reason is when it acts as a significant obstacle to growth.

Donors believe strongly in funding non-profits that stick to their vision. They’ll be far likelier to stop donating if your non-profit starts making tactical decisions out of financial desperation, for instance, that aren’t in line with the mission statement. 

Sometimes straying away from your original mission is a must, but it’s vital not to stray too far. One way to ensure that you stay on track is through continual assessment and discussions about the matter with the board of directors. This way, everyone remains on the same page and can keep on course when accomplishing your organizational goals.


Attract Millennials to Your Non-Profit

Currently, millennials comprise 1/3rd of the working population and are the largest labor demographics in the US. These individuals should be one of your primary fundraising targets as a non-profit.

Furthermore, as evidenced by the climate change outcry and the overall social justice movement, for example, millennials are clearly strong in their convictions. In a nutshell, if your non-profit has a message and goal that strikes the right chord, this demographic is bound to donate. 

However, millennials are one of the savviest generations, and they’re going to be quite discerning with whom they support as a non-profit. You must brainstorm strategies dedicated to engaging and retaining millennial donors.


Recruit Passionate and Talented Volunteers

In a day and age where the cost of living is exponentially higher than it has ever been, attracting volunteers to your non-profit can feel like a losing battle.

The fact is, volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-profit business, as they lighten a workload in an industry where the work vastly outweighs the manpower. Without attracting these individuals, your non-profit can’t possibly grow.

One primary consideration on this front is whether you’re following a warm body recruitment strategy or applying a targeted approach.

When seeking out ‘any warm body,’ the strategy is fit for finding a multitude of volunteers in a short time. A thorough campaign that involves flyers, brochures, and local networking events is suggested in these instances.

Alternatively, targeting specific individuals is an ideal method for non-profits seeking out individuals with unique skillsets.

Click here for a more in-depth breakdown of the recruitment process. 


Utilize Successful Fundraising Methods

There’s a wealth of marketing directions a non-profit can take when trying to acquire donations.

Here’s one example:

Direct mail, in 2019, might seem old-fashioned to some. On the other hand, what’s old is new—and your target market might enjoy the more tactile experience of receiving direct mail.

Consider sending personalized letters to your mailing list that crafts your narrative, while also providing a leave behind that keeps your non-profit top of mind.

Also, it’s wise to explore the various digital marketing methods available to your organization. For instance, well-executed SEO campaigns can do wonders for your fundraising efforts.

Leverage Your Social Media Accounts

This year, it’s estimated that 2.77 billion people are on some form of social media.

Furthermore, it’s 100% free to post on social media. However, just because it is free doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to generate results. In fact, there are paid posts that’ll be prioritized on any given platform. 

Still, social media can attract both donors and volunteers alike. The key is to learn the necessary steps that’ll help your brand stand out on social media. One example of doing this is by finding out the platforms in which your target demographics can be found. Instagram and Facebook are millennial-heavy, for instance.

Another way to thrive on social media as a non-profit is with your brand voice—which brings us to our next point.

Establish a Strong Brand Voice

People don’t want to donate to a non-profit that comes across as a faceless machine.

It’s integral for your non-profit to establish a clearly defined brand voice. This creates a distinct identity that grabs the attention of its audience. Though crafting your brand voice can be quite complicated—as it must remain consistent and not seem like multiple voices.

So, do your research and examine the nitty-gritty details of what goes into creating your brand voice.

Always Listen to Experts

n attempting to grow your non-profit, there’s no doubt that you’re going to run into road bumps along the way—no matter how steadfast you are with your efforts. 

When times seem tough – or even when everything is going well – you should keep your ear to the ground to keep on top of industry trends. This will keep you informed on the ins-and-outs of the non-profit landscape and help you stay in front of various market patterns, which will aid substantially in your growth.

Finding a resource of information, such as KC Cares, will offer insight into how to maintain steady growth for your non-profit. We help nonprofits like you, tell your story!