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Sharing the stories of local nonprofits and connecting them with the community! We talk with philanthropists, volunteers, community activists, executive directors, and non-profit lovers from the Kansas City nonprofit community. Be seen, be heard with KC Cares! Kansas City’s Nonprofit Voice!

On episode 371 of KC Cares, we talk with Niki Aktipis, President & Julie Whitsman, Treasurer with Kansas City Oasis! Great discussion about faith based alternative community! Listen now!


Kansas City Oasis | Sat Feb 01 2020

Niki Aktipis, President  & Julie Whitsman, Treasurer

KC Oasis is the city’s first alternative to faith-based communities, offering a community of compassion and reason to celebrate the human experience. Part of a national network.Our goal is to cultivate an environment where you will find new friends and a place to belong, regardless of your beliefs, gender identity or sexual orientation.



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KC Cares, Kansas City’s nonprofit voice, tells the stories of Kansas City nonprofits and connects them with the community.  

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